Transforming Technology To Business Values

It is not just another consulting company. We don't sell hype words. We deliver data-centric solutions that work for you.

About Us


Why Us?

We named the company after a concept in category theory, which is the most abstract field in mathematics. For we believe that software and system solutions, regardless of fancy words like big data, AI, microservices, serverless, etc., should have a solid foundation in theory. We deeply care about software craftsmanship and guarantee the correctness of our code.


Our Approach

We love functional programming because he believes it is the best tool for creating provably correct, easy to test, and readily composable software, as well as in high-quality, reproducible data science work. We are also a big fan of event-driven architecture and embrace eventual consistency in building large scale distributed systems. 


Our Experiences

Before starting the company, we had solving real problems for both big enterprises and a startup with the same fundamental principles with a verifiable success record.